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PaxAppeal è uno stato d’animo e d’intelletto che ATTRAE alla “facilitazione” della conflittualità. Opera con magnetismo emozionale e approccio creativo alla ragionata e pacifica composizione delle liti.

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Progetto Comm-Unico

Progetto Comm-Unico è un progetto strategico di base per la diffusione della Conciliazione e Mediazione delle liti in Italia. Prevede intuizioni e visioni sulla Mediazione basate sull’ uso della Telematica, e fa emergere la figura del facilitatore, come professionista Negoziatore di parte.

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Pensatoio Think-tank

In questa sezione sono raccolti gli spunti di riflessione dello Studio del Dottor Gian Marco Boccanera, in termini di serbatoio di pensiero creativo (creative think-tank). 

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Il Pensatoio Think Tank




Professions & Genialitalia

by Gian Marco Boccanera.

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We sighed with relief May 10th 2010, when we learned that European Union has launched an aid plan of 750 billion euro to guarantee the solvency of Greece and other countries of our euro-zone. In the dialectic between discipline and the help at the last minute, the latter won. Considering the choice of the lesser evil and considering  the fresh memory of Lehman Brothers Bank, left to itself and unexpectedly left to its fate.  Its destiny has woven all the subsequent consequences on the economy and finance, in a perfect domino effect.

From one side I feel a sense of satisfaction to be part of the "community" who proposed and implemented such an important act of support and trust for the benefit of a member of the Union  in trouble, to which I am also close by feelings of deep gratitude for personal stories . On the other side,  I doubt about  the sustainability of a whole system of aid in the medium term, and about the price that will be required to european taxpayers, including Italian people. The price will be high, very high indeed, and will be paid in "social currency”, in other words,  in terms of welfare sacrifices that will touch everyone.

The mechanism seems to work. Banks on the brink of collapse, too big to fail, ask governments to intervene, collectivizing the losses, and continuing to take additional and ever higher risks. Governments ask States to intervene as guarantors of last resort, through the release of government "bond" to replace the toxic, or unsaleable ones. Member States which are in trouble ask European Union to intervene as a guarantor of indebtedness of the first turn, acquiring government securities, on which they discharge the guarantee of the European Union, then dividing it between their Countries as a splitting of guarantees. Yes, but how far? How far are we willing to go? At one point, not changing the causes or the actors that have given rise to these perverse effects, we will need to ensure a superior organism to intervene as a guarantor of the European Union, otherwise it will be the collapse of the whole System.

At this point it’s necessary a clear remark, and it’s due before the situation becomes more complicated, leading us to the wrong way. The crisis we are experiencing is not comparable to the others that preceded it. It’s  much more severe, pervasive, lasting and devastating. It hasn’t yet explained all its effects. The long wave is yet to come and we must do something to find, at least, someone who will be consciously ready to deal with its explosive range.

The time for change has come: it’s necessary to change perspective, habits and customs, to change expectations about how to live, reclaiming the inner essence and not only the outward form. Perhaps we should also rethink capitalism, reinterpreting it in an innovative, sustainable and equitable way. We are not born only to consume in order to own, thinking to draw the elusive short-lived satisfaction. There isn’t only the materiality of the body, but also the spirituality and knowledge of the mind, which, as the body, must nourish well and grow up healthy so it can hand down to other minds its heritage of thought. To improve knowledge means understanding to survive, that is, to live better.

To live better and (possibly) to live protected from the shocks of the current crisis and all the others that will follow for the next cutting. An interesting starting point for meditation, was provided to me by Jacques Attali, French economist and enlightened  journalist, when he argues that governments are basing their strategies for containment of the crisis in making pay to the next generations of taxpayers the mistakes of the past bankers and the bonuses of the current ones. How far we can go forward with such a moral hazard, without go to the base of things? Quousque tandem Catilina patientia abut us? It will be difficult to explain to the average social class and to the lower one that, at some point, aid to supplement income will be over, as well as income, while at the same time international commitments that drain more liquidity and state guarantees must be met. And disposable income decreases more and more, while the assets and savings, already heavily decimated by abuse, fraud, theft and embezzlement of any kind, are even more undermined.

Karl Popper argued that "intelligence is useful for survival if it allows us to extinguish a bad idea, before the bad idea extinguishes us."

Someone will start to look for the guilty, moved (and in this way being an instrument of someone else) by a malevolent influence to find  him at all costs. The risk is real. And the calls from Authorities in this sense continue and make us understand that the risk is real. This risk must necessarily be contained and minimized. Everyone must do his part. And the contribution of the Professions with their deep knowledge is VERY STRATEGIC. In a period when the truly essence of the turbo-capitalism is called into question, the THINKING needs to regain lost positions on PRODUCING.  Because through creative thinking and innovation we can create conditions for new development, just improving what we just have and discovering alternatives to G.D.P. (Gross Domestic Product).  How we can do that?  By innovation. You can find new collective sources and lines of activity, which, through the Professional world, link and not divide the social classes, more and more detached from each other. The Professions, together with the pursuit of innovation and the rediscovery of creativity, which they now carries and will carry even more, may be a good bulwark in support of the unsteady social cohesion.

I’m thinking to the  launch of a pervasive collective consciousness that push to share and not to separate. I’m thinking to  the launch of a renewed spirit of the times that nourishes the pax-appeal, first of all, in the Reconciliation as  ALL PROFESSIONALS prerogative in favor of all  Citizens. We hope that the Reconciliation should become the prerogative of all Professionals, for example with the Facilitate Conciliation (CONCILIAZIONE FACILITATA) . Then, I’m thinking to the multidisciplinary approach of the Professionals, which help to reduce bottlenecks and improve procedures, protocols and works in P.A. (Public Administration) .  And then I’m thinking to the start of the true care of the "polis" (= policy or polity),  the care of what is public (res publica or republic), to the rediscovery of  the priceless pleasure of working with the satisfaction of helping someone , rather than the manufacture of something.

The Professions, in my view, must spread the MEME of this collective consciousness, that is, they must work, before trying to do it and then do it automatically and unconsciously, to replicate this state from mind to mind as a unit of cultural information. The meme as a separate statement that replicate itself, becoming a "public opinion", spreads itself joining permanently in the new culture of the Nation. The meme is an idea, a value, skill, or whatever else is able to be learned and disclosed to the other people as a unit. The meme is for the transfer of information the same thing as the gene  for genetics. Then , the meme, as the gene, may be destined for great things: for example, to report "in viral ways," in absolutely pervasive and pandemic ways, any unit of information and language and concepts that goes from mind to mind, from man to man, consciously or unconsciously.

The diffusion of the perception of the big role of the Professions NOW in the hold of the economic, social and national interests in defense from the current crisis and from the next ones, is similar to an evolutionary MEME of our collective membership to a Country (ITALY)  recognized by the World  as the ancient cradle of knowledge and culture.

Gian Marco Boccanera


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