Pax Appeal

PaxAppeal è uno stato d’animo e d’intelletto che ATTRAE alla “facilitazione” della conflittualità. Opera con magnetismo emozionale e approccio creativo alla ragionata e pacifica composizione delle liti.

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Progetto Comm-Unico

Progetto Comm-Unico è un progetto strategico di base per la diffusione della Conciliazione e Mediazione delle liti in Italia. Prevede intuizioni e visioni sulla Mediazione basate sull’ uso della Telematica, e fa emergere la figura del facilitatore, come professionista Negoziatore di parte.

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Pensatoio Think-tank

In questa sezione sono raccolti gli spunti di riflessione dello Studio del Dottor Gian Marco Boccanera, in termini di serbatoio di pensiero creativo (creative think-tank). 

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Il Pensatoio Think Tank




by Gian Marco Boccanera




The experience I gained from my project COMM-UNICO, dated March 2009, and the visionary innovations in it about the developments of Reconciliation, expressed  before the entry into force of Law 69 / 2009  and the subsequent Decree No. 28/2010 of March 2010, as well as the mentioned ideas on the evolution of the intellectual Professions, especially for those of accountants and accounting experts to which I belong, leads me to carry on the innovative path I chose. Some changes in the method are although necessary, since the COMM-UNICO PROJECT was tacitly held "under cover" until the date of publication on this site, on the day of 01.01.2010.

FOR THE PROJECT YOU-STITIA, since it is for me a small but significant contribution to one of the great reforms of our System Country Italy, I thought to a different approach of dissemination and implementation, if deemed of public interest. The number of  visits to this article and the tweets that I will receive from now on, perhaps, will witness the actual existence of such a collective interest. (Share on Twitter:

Let’s start with the name. PROJECT YOU-STITIA: the term wants to stress the bidirectional relationship between the two words YOU and STITIA, so that their union  in Italian gives rise to the phoneme IUSTITIA (=lat. Justice).

The union between you (you in English) and the ending STITIA helps to create the Latin word for Justice, which still stands, after more than two thousand years, in evidence in any Court of Justice in Italy.

Well  the personal pronoun YOU in relation to the compound word YOU-STITIA suggests the subjective value of the partnership and sharing thanks to which each citizen could contribute to a better organization of the complex architecture of the State which, in order to achieve collective goals, grants rights, imposes duties and penalizes the eventual breach.

The strategic topics treated, and to be treated, in the development of the project are:

1) Each person could share the reform:  interaction on ethical issues and participation to the development of the project.   Telematic  and diffusive mode of DIAL-ETHICS AND SIGNAL-ETHICAL  memes through the mechanism of imitation and social position of the results (approval / disapproval). Innovation on the emergence of new social values and the recognition of personal contribution to collective goals. The widespread feeling that we can contribute as simple citizens with suggestions, comments to the good performance of the machine will generate interest in the subject and stimulus to the next test. Push up on the emotional side of feeling  part of a change perceived as important. Main tools will be some major strategic social network like Twitter, with specific customizations of APPS (applications software) and API (Applied Programming Interfaces). We recall that the British Parliament is encouraging all its members  to the spread of Twitter (June 2010) to sensitize them on the subject of the involvement of each person as individual voter and citizen. We should do  this in Italy, encouraging  all our politicians to do likewise. You do not need the requirement for diffusive emulation, others will follow the first ones who will do.  If done well, this first phase of the project could generate a virtuous circle in terms of strengthening social cohesion through sharing. That would be a stronger sense of belonging to a National System

2) Better use of existing facilities with the creation of quality circles internal to each District of Court of Appeal and to each branch of the Court.  Located in the national territory in listening position in relation to the base and local users. The function of the Quality Circles will catalyze the process innovations and best practices that could contribute to improve the enjoyment of public justice. At this stage, the Professionals, first of all lawyers and accountants, will have an important role. The most representative unions in the territory will be involved in the development of the  project. The players in this stage will necessarily have a facilitative approach to address the issue without making prevail the ideological one, but aiming at sharing EUPETENZA.

3) Spread of information and feedback from citizens and users  thanks to the latest telecommunication facilities. Wi-fi LAN or Wi-MAX (soon available) and free broadband access point  of the type HOT-SPOT-at time for users on each territorial office of Justice, with authentication ID and linking to the websites of each office of Justice.  A low-cost technology accessible to everyone.

4) Identification and development of innovative system to have additional financial resources that will not substitute those available for the transfer by the Ministry, which can be exploited  depending also on the quality level achieved by each Justice branch on the territory  and as a result of merit system  of the public employees. This system, all in digital mode, uses little money contribution  via web, via mobile phone and other innovative tools (i-pad), directly on the website of each Justice branch, under the supervision and control of the District of the Court of Appeal to which it belongs, which will nominate the  committee of management consisting of not more than 5 members drawn in rotation every two years in top positions of each Court. The results obtained with the system of money contribution will be taken into account in assessing the achievement of quality standards of each Court. Financial income so obtained will be exclusively assigned for the supply of materials  and computer  improvement of each territorial office of Justice, reserving  1/ 4 to rewarding the most capable employees. Evidence of this will be public and available on a special section of the website of each court or other territorial office. The evaluation of the deserving employees will be made in public way "on the web" to which any ordinary citizen can have access, upon identification by PEC (certified mail). The more positive evaluations will determine the corresponding order of merit.

5) Maintenance of a core group of IT developers, technocrats of the ministry, creative and think-tanker, a matrix in development of no more than five subjects per combination of matrix, which can spread, direct, edit and adjust the project developments in  minimum three years and assure the necessary environmental compatibility.


Gian Marco Boccanera


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