by Gian Marco Boccanera




The experience I gained from my project COMM-UNICO, dated March 2009, and the visionary innovations in it about the developments of Reconciliation, expressed  before the entry into force of Law 69 / 2009  and the subsequent Decree No. 28/2010 of March 2010, as well as the mentioned ideas on the evolution of the intellectual Professions, especially for those of accountants and accounting experts to which I belong, leads me to carry on the innovative path I chose. Some changes in the method are although necessary, since the COMM-UNICO PROJECT was tacitly held "under cover" until the date of publication on this site, on the day of 01.01.2010.

FOR THE PROJECT YOU-STITIA, since it is for me a small but significant contribution to one of the great reforms of our System Country Italy, I thought to a different approach of dissemination and implementation, if deemed of public interest. The number of  visits to this article and the tweets that I will receive from now on, perhaps, will witness the actual existence of such a collective interest. (Share on Twitter:

Let’s start with the name. PROJECT YOU-STITIA: the term wants to stress the bidirectional relationship between the two words YOU and STITIA, so that their union  in Italian gives rise to the phoneme IUSTITIA (=lat. Justice).

The union between you (you in English) and the ending STITIA helps to create the Latin word for Justice, which still stands, after more than two thousand years, in evidence in any Court of Justice in Italy.

Well  the personal pronoun YOU in relation to the compound word YOU-STITIA suggests the subjective value of the partnership and sharing thanks to which each citizen could contribute to a better organization of the complex architecture of the State which, in order to achieve collective goals, grants rights, imposes duties and penalizes the eventual breach.

The strategic topics treated, and to be treated, in the development of the project are:

1) Each person could share the reform:  interaction on ethical issues and participation to the development of the project.   Telematic  and diffusive mode of DIAL-ETHICS AND SIGNAL-ETHICAL  memes through the mechanism of imitation and social position of the results (approval / disapproval). Innovation on the emergence of new social values and the recognition of personal contribution to collective goals. The widespread feeling that we can contribute as simple citizens with suggestions, comments to the good performance of the machine will generate interest in the subject and stimulus to the next test. Push up on the emotional side of feeling  part of a change perceived as important. Main tools will be some major strategic social network like Twitter, with specific customizations of APPS (applications software) and API (Applied Programming Interfaces). We recall that the British Parliament is encouraging all its members  to the spread of Twitter (June 2010) to sensitize them on the subject of the involvement of each person as individual voter and citizen. We should do  this in Italy, encouraging  all our politicians to do likewise. You do not need the requirement for diffusive emulation, others will follow the first ones who will do.  If done well, this first phase of the project could generate a virtuous circle in terms of strengthening social cohesion through sharing. That would be a stronger sense of belonging to a National System

2) Better use of existing facilities with the creation of quality circles internal to each District of Court of Appeal and to each branch of the Court.  Located in the national territory in listening position in relation to the base and local users. The function of the Quality Circles will catalyze the process innovations and best practices that could contribute to improve the enjoyment of public justice. At this stage, the Professionals, first of all lawyers and accountants, will have an important role. The most representative unions in the territory will be involved in the development of the  project. The players in this stage will necessarily have a facilitative approach to address the issue without making prevail the ideological one, but aiming at sharing EUPETENZA.

3) Spread of information and feedback from citizens and users  thanks to the latest telecommunication facilities. Wi-fi LAN or Wi-MAX (soon available) and free broadband access point  of the type HOT-SPOT-at time for users on each territorial office of Justice, with authentication ID and linking to the websites of each office of Justice.  A low-cost technology accessible to everyone.

4) Identification and development of innovative system to have additional financial resources that will not substitute those available for the transfer by the Ministry, which can be exploited  depending also on the quality level achieved by each Justice branch on the territory  and as a result of merit system  of the public employees. This system, all in digital mode, uses little money contribution  via web, via mobile phone and other innovative tools (i-pad), directly on the website of each Justice branch, under the supervision and control of the District of the Court of Appeal to which it belongs, which will nominate the  committee of management consisting of not more than 5 members drawn in rotation every two years in top positions of each Court. The results obtained with the system of money contribution will be taken into account in assessing the achievement of quality standards of each Court. Financial income so obtained will be exclusively assigned for the supply of materials  and computer  improvement of each territorial office of Justice, reserving  1/ 4 to rewarding the most capable employees. Evidence of this will be public and available on a special section of the website of each court or other territorial office. The evaluation of the deserving employees will be made in public way "on the web" to which any ordinary citizen can have access, upon identification by PEC (certified mail). The more positive evaluations will determine the corresponding order of merit.

5) Maintenance of a core group of IT developers, technocrats of the ministry, creative and think-tanker, a matrix in development of no more than five subjects per combination of matrix, which can spread, direct, edit and adjust the project developments in  minimum three years and assure the necessary environmental compatibility.


Gian Marco Boccanera

The Facilitate Conciliation (CONCILIAZIONE FACILITATA)

by Gian Marco Boccanera


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The Facilitate Conciliation (CONCILIAZIONE FACILITATA), in the intention of the writer, is an innovative procedure for the prevention or resolution of disputes. Through it the parties in conflict meet, accompanied by their trusted advisors, who have the function of promoting reconciliation, and by facilitators, looking for a possible convenient deal for each of them.

The facilitator or negotiator, as an expression of pax-appeal, wants to get an agreement,  in any case, in order to protect the maintenance of customer relations and common interests, and plays a key role because he promotes reconciliation, assists his client as a negotiator and directs the flow of Reconciliation to accredited dispute resolution service that he considers the most suitable for the subject matter. In this moment (April 29, 2010) it’s considered that in a medium-term future the number of Centers organized as Reconciliation organs that have obtained accreditation from the Ministry of Justice  is higher and it’s believed that they will compete  in the same market (market-place). So preferring the relationship with the facilitators will allow us, in strategic way,  to direct more or less effectively the flow of Reconciliation to the most suitable Conciliation Centre. It is expected (this is an expectation made on May 3, 2010 by Il Sole 24 Ore) that, from the entry into force of the law regarding the Conciliation as a condition of admissibility for subjects with high density of litigation (March 20, 2011), there will be about 1 million Conciliations to administer. This amount  should be managed not by traditional methods that are at risk of blocking Conciliation Centre, but with remote computerized systems, through which the facilitator will be the reference point  for his  clients and for the profession to which he belongs  by addressing the flow of conciliation. The facilitator is a MUCH MORE STRATEGIC FIGURE than the Mediator, because the latter manages the conciliation procedure, ONLY after it  has been activated. The facilitator is the trigger and the fuel of Reconciliation. The Mediator is the brazier and the combustive agent. The two figures are fully separate and distinct.

The " trusted facilitators” have the freedom to explore proposals or solutions. The Center for Conciliation chosen by the parties acts as a link , start-up and "trigger" of Reconciliation, through centralized services of tutoring, recovery and reference, networking, indication of possible "OPEN SOURCE"  solutions to be developed by the facilitators. The facilitators of the parties help to develop the bases of the agreement, assisting their respective parties and customers.

The Mediation Center provides its own mediator /tutor who will work ONLY in computerized way through digital document exchange  and video conferencing with facilitators and with the parties themselves via web. The parties at the Studio of their facilitators and the mediator at his Studio. Without physical movements of the parties nor their advisers nor the conciliator, the  physical limit of the Centre for Conciliation size is over as well as the time limit of the sequence of events in the Centre. The mediator then, recovering precious time, can effectively carry out his work in multitasking way, operating simultaneously on more Reconciliations. The minutes of the final agreement  are submitted and signed by the parties and their facilitators by PEC (Certified e-mail) with or without a digital signature and have a specific date of subscription. This final phase of conciliation, in order to avoid the prohibition of celebrating all the trail in digital way, as appears to be provided form the  Regulatory Decree (September 2010), can be effectively performed at the Center for Reconciliation "de visu” between the parties. Only in this final stage, then, the parties may well meet "live" to subscribe, along with their facilitators and the conciliator, the minutes of the Statement of Reconciliation. You will immediately understand that this activity can be easily scheduled on the agenda of the center, being a purely formal stage, which was reached with the precious preparatory work carried out remotely by the facilitators (along with their parties) and the mediator, all from their Professional Studies. This last phase implies a standardization of acts and behavior that has no parallel with the preparatory stages of the agreement which for nature aren’t budgeted in terms of duration and number of required meetings. By doing the most activity remotely through the Professional Studies, the center will work only on the formalization of the agreement, assigning to each Conciliation a standard time, so easy to program with no surprises, no shifting.

It will be understood then, as conceived in this way, Reconciliation can be quite pervasive because it  will be immediately  implemented  from the professional studios  because it  needs , along with the basic training of professionals, facilitators, just a PC, a web cam, an ADSL broadband connection, a low-cost or even free (like Skype) software of interconnection.  These basic structures are already  in professional studies. Or at least in those of younger people. The opportunities in terms of compensation and professional development, given the huge market, are of great interest. If these opportunities  could then find  place in the subsequent enactment of legislative decrees implementing Law 69/2009, they would have a high value also on the political side, without sources (ZERO social cost), and as directed in favor of a category, that of professionals, who can count on less than others on alternative forms of welfare and support in time of severe economic crisis that erodes significant percentages of professional fees. This category, in this moment, has more than two million members.

The timing of the Conciliation facilitated vary, depending on the value of the agreement, between 1 and 30 days. The facilitators of the parties, as trusted advisors, will be paid by the same professional fees or by  lump sum pre-arranged in advance. The Center for Reconciliation and the mediator will be paid according to fees settled by the Centre, subject to the possibility of recovering the tax benefit for both parties, as required by Law 69/2009 and Decree No. 28 of 04.03.2010.

The Facilitate Conciliation then, can be effectively activated ex-ante, before the dispute arises, when it begins to show the first signs. At this point the work of the professional facilitators becomes even more important, since they are the ones that operate, in a preventive way, CRASH TEST of the Agreement and improve its hold on a shared way.

Prevention is better than cure. The Conciliation facilitated so is better.

With an effective metaphor it’s observed then that the facilitators, together with their clients, operate on the success of the Agreement (= resilience), by means of CRASH-TEST (stress test), which may indicate the consequences that can be produced in a rupture and subsequent address modification of the conditions, as real AIR BAG to be decided - in a strategic manner and with the required professional help - where, how, why and when to place.

I think that in the “hypothesis” of the "de iure condendo" we have to think about this.

Gian Marco Boccanera


by Gian Marco Boccanera


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What biology genetics ans semantics, correlated to each other, have in common with  Strategy applicable to the current historical moment?
Apparently nothing, but in reality they can help us to understand and face the crisis we are experiencing,  with an acceptable method and a continuous approach.

MEME is the cornerstone of the discussion.


The MEME is the cultural information entity, or the idea, which goes from mind to mind, or from memory support to memory support, replicating in each passage and interacting with the environment. The meme is any information unit that can be easily learned and passed on to others in unit terms. In passing,  the MEME undergoes an evolution that can be respectively produce memetic drift or memetic inertia if in transfer the force of impact changes or doesn’t change regardless of the persons who transmit it, receive and retransmit. The memetic drift tends to increase, making lose energy to the meme, if the communication takes place with difficult words or complex and "not affordable" concepts, while - on the contrary - the memetic inertia (the opposite of memetic drift) tends to increase if the communication is simple (smart and  friendly) and makes use of mnemonic elements easy to understand, store and re-emergence as the rhyme, smashes, trends, "jingles", tunes and chants, proverbs, aphorisms,  combination of sounds and musical notes, the full conviction, etc.. And especially Internet, which stands today as a vehicle of an infinite Meme.

It was the biologist Edward Osborne Wilson to adopt the term "meme" in his book "Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge". He argued that the fundamental units of Culture are the biological neural networks that operate as nodes of semantic memory. For the expert, the term "meme" identifies these basic units of cultural inheritance. On the base of this concept, Wilson has developed a study on the fundamental role of memes in unifying the natural sciences with social sciences, laying the the foundations of memetics, which studies the evolutionary model on the transfer of information, knowledge, skills and cultural preferences.

Memetics  is defined, then, as the study of  the evolution of memes, as the analysis of evolutionary models of the transfer of information, knowledge and cultural preferences from a group of people to another, from one community to another, from one Country to another,  and from one Generation to another. The transfer of memes in the collective consciousness has a characterization of causality in determining the individual psyche, which, embracing the discovery process theorized by Carl Gustav Jung, allows each person to develop his or her own self and make it susceptible to the influence of memes that receives . The subject is not fully studied, but some scientists have theorized the transfer of MEME as a Darwinian evolution, for which the meme, in order to survive through the repetition of replication, needs to mutate and adapt to the environment, and thereby it experiences an inexorable natural selection, after which, only the memes with great energy and ability to adapt may continue to persist and even replicate. It has been identified as "viral" or "spreading pandemic" the power of meme propagation from mind to mind, or - in the case of computers as a means of propagation – from digital storage to digital memory. The metaphor which is used to decline the character of diffusivity and SELF REPLICATION of MEME is borrowed from medical Science (= viral and pandemic), and in particular from the Science that studies the "infectious" characterization in the mass spreading of a disease.

Here we are then in the medical field, related to genetics. The ethologist Richard Dawkins in his book "The Selfish Gene" (The Selfish Gene, 1976) used the word MEME, just to indicate a basic unit of human cultural evolution, very close to the gene as the basic unit of the biological evolution. Like the gene that is charatecterized by the mechanism of replication, mutation and selection, MEME also has the same causal characterization. The meme replicates, changes in the transition and is subject to natural selection that drives the memetic drift (weak meme) or pushes it forward for self-replication with new memetic inertia (strong meme).

The term "meme" then refers to any single piece of information that can be spread in viral pandemic ways  from mind to mind, replicating forward again.

Dawkins argued that Cultures are free to evolve in the same way as people and living biological organisms do. Most of the cultural information and ideas that migrate from one generation to the next generation are able to increase or decrease the chances of survival of the generation that receives them,  which in turn will be able to retransmit to the next one.

The cultural meme so becomes similar to the biological gene. The meme becomes a gene that influences next cultural memes and is, in turn, influenced  from these ones and from the surrounding environment.  

The MEME, as the gene,  is subject to the attractive force similar to the genotype and phenotype, depending on whether the meme is more or less linked to heredity or its relationships with the environment. In its spread the meme, like the gene, shows similar characteristics to its Genotype and its phenotype,  that is, in its spreading  the meme reflects both the semantic connotation of the same genotype, and the manifestation of what  inheritance actually produces (Phenotype). In genetics,  phenotype is the physical manifestation of an organism, in an aspect identified, it’s what looks phenomenal, visible. While the genotype is the set of genetic instructions of an organism, which may be expressed or not, otherwise remaining latent and hidden.

The environment, the genotype and phenotype are interwoven in  Theory of Evolution, so that some scholars have successfully argued that the phenotype (physical effective and visible manifestation) is the result of the interaction between environment and genotype (hereditary kit). Each gene, then (similar to MEME for the information) is expressed through its causal factor, called ALLELE, as a variant of the gene sequence. So that the genotype of an individual in respect of a particular gene is the set of alleles that it possesses. For example, the flower that is born from the seed  has several genes that are responsible for its characterization. There is a gene that controls the color of the bud, but many alleles of that gene may occur,  resulting in a variety of colors, depending on the interaction with the causal factor. The allele, therefore, is only ONE possible manifestation of a gene within a larger range as it visually appears on the genotype. The MEME, as a  piece of information in his spreading, receives a factorization from the outside, which leads it to evolve more or less consistently with its original hereditary composition, being  in the passage influenced by causal factorization, that is, declined in different VERSIONS AND EXPRESSIONS.

GENE and MEME are related each other to the SEED. The seed cover  fundamental importance for the physiological life, to allow replication of plants and flowers (botany) and for the entire flora, to allow the photosynthesis, but also to enable the reproduction of fauna, which is the natural turnover between birth and death of each living animal, including humans. The new frontiers of artificial insemination in vitro and animal cloning are heavily moving, opening perspectives unimaginable a few decades ago. In the same time , the field of genetics is evolving, after the sequencing of DNA by the American scientist Craig Venter (Celera Genomics Lab) and the recent creation (May 2010) of the first genome artificially created in laboratory by the same scientist and his team. This is the first bacterium driven by a simple artificial genome, built at the discretion of man, starting from commands and instructions via computer, with a chemical application and a DNA synthesizer. The importance of SEED in order to protect the survival of  Humanity  has led some international decision-makers to make a huge secret storage in the northern hemisphere, where you can preserve and conserve all the known  species of seeds and plants, like a giant frozen Noah's Ark.

The mechanism of spread of the meme is IMITATION called MIMESIS (from ancient greek mimesis, imitation). In its forward propagation, the information unit of culture (meme) travels through the  IMITATION. Here we have another aspect common to all three elements: meme, gene and seed. The MEME spreads through its imitation replica passing from mouth to mouth, from mind to mind, from computer to computer. Also the gene and the seed have the same spread characterization: imitation. We are thinking about  imitative mechanisms that regulate fertilization (gene), or those who supervise the pollination (seed). MEME, and SEED and GENE are, in various ways, connected to each other through mimesis of each of them, they spread and replicate through the  IMITATION.

As the genetic and biological evolution, also memetic evolution occurs through mutations. The mutation leads to multiple variations of memes, among whom only the most suitable ones  replicate again(Charles Darwin), and, that is, they become more common and increase even further  the chances of replication. It is considered possible that it was precisely the mutation to let a culturally primitiv group of guttural sounds and syllables evolve in the wide range of languages and dialects existing today, as well as the wide range of symbolic meanings in each language. The ancient Greek and the modern English are the alpha and omega of this assumption: in the ancient Greek language the symbolic meanings of words and the words themselves are much higher than the concise, efficient and essential modern English.

The Cultures and ways of thinking can evolve in a similar way as people and living beings do through the genes. The ideas , that run through the present generation to the next one,  may increase or decrease the chances of survival of the generation that receives then and which, in turn, can retransmit them for benefit of the next generations.

For example, most Cultures can develop their own project and their own method to create a tool or a "modus operandi", but only the Culture that will have developed the most effective methods will have more chances, evolving, to thrive and develop better than the others. Over time an increasing proportion of the population will adopt these methods, recognized as the best ones. Science and technology of the ancient Rome Empire progressed, evolving the culture of' “homo faber” in the arts, machines, hydraulics, engineering, medicine, mechanics, transport, navigation, etc.. they have given the bases to many of the current sections of Universal Knowledge.

Unlike genes, for which the success is linked to their usefulness to the survival of the organism that receives them, the success of a meme depends on various factors such as persuasion, acceptance, group  pressure, intensity of message, trends. These factors were not at the moment (June 2010) fully investigated, although some experts have reported techniques by which the meme spreads:

a) proof  that an idea, technique or project is suitable and beneficial, for example, the wooden wheel covered with rubber gave rise to tire that  improved and made more easy, fast and comfortable the transport of people and things.

b) identifying a problem without its solution: for example choosing an assumption which cannot be proved as wrong, and therefore not refuted,  allows it to spread and be better. But still: identifying a problem that will create a strong causality of acceptance or social disapproval results in great diffusive strength of meme (= memetic inertia) through imitation. For example, the serious natural disaster in the Gulf of Mexico (the problem), in which the off-shore oil platform DEEP WATER HORIZON owned by British Petroleum (BP) resulted in a spill from the hole of oil drilled in 1,500 meters depth, is creating the fundamental conditions for spreading the meme of social disapproval in the Collective Consciousness to the offshore oil drilling, going even to reconsider the STRATEGIC effectiveness of the use of the TRADITIONAL FOSSIL sources of energy. The very serious damage suffered by the people, the flora and fauna, through the dissemination of the incident and its consequences that the environment will experience for years, is the causal element to permit the dissemination, first political and then pandemic in public opinion, of a strong MEME of prevalence of  INNOVATIVE AND GREEN energy sources, compared to traditional ones, despite the huge interest carried by other memes, equally strong, of preservation of "status quo", induced from Lobbies of oil and traditional fossil energy. Only the strong spread of a pandemic NEW MEME will make it possible to gradually replace the pre-existing TRADITIONAL STRONG MEME.

c) the threat towards those who don’t spread a meme, and – in opposite - the reward to those who spread it: for example the choice of mechanisms for social gratification in the pursuit of certain behaviors and social disapproval from others provides the best propagation the meme. In this case, the role of Professionals is very important.

d) the conviction of the owner of the meme to dialogue and reflection on it: for example, to convince the addressee of a certain idea or project to share intimately, in depth reflection, and interacting with it so he/she can fell enthusiastically owner and spread it (acting as a virus).

So, as we have so far understood, there is a strong and intimate relationship between MEME, GENE and SEED, because all the three elements are self-replicating on the benefit of the future, all three spread through imitation (mimesis), all three are responsible for  life and survival. MEME GENE AND SEED have a single purpose: the one of HANDING DOWN, allowing  the survival of the species and Humanity along the time.


The MEME for information and cultural survival, which is the basis of the other two, the gene for the genetic survival, and the seed for the biological survival. All three need each other, and vice versa.

The matrix factorization, the connections, the meta-system transitions, the  auto-replication, arise from primordial genetic life, evolve in the biological one, and continue to network in the semantic dimension, typical of the "learning web" of the Internet, similar to a large digital neural network where we make abstraction of the concepts of matter, energy, space and time in order to bring out only the Interdependences of various actions and the connection of events.

I conclude by mentioning the theoretical Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a great visionary, not understood in his days because he was a forerunner, and his conception of the world and the things to which it tends. He theorized the so-called "Noosphere" (from greek: vous - nous = mind), the sphere of human thought, as a container of collective consciousness of human beings that arises from the continuous interaction between human minds.

The Noosphere is an evolution from the primordial Geosphere (typical of the inanimate matter) to the Biosphere (typical of biological life, also known as Gaia). Like the birth of life has radically transformed the geosphere, the advent and development of knowledge has completely transformed the biosphere. There are many examples, and each one can figure them.

The Noosphere has manifested itself in the interaction and organization of human beings in an increasingly complex manner, as they have populated the Earth and they have taken over the domain. According to Teilhard de Chardin more the Humanity is organized in complex social networks, more Noosphere become in size and awareness a  "global neural network" or "global mind" (global brain).

The process that is making  more consistent the Noosphere in terms of integration and unification of the contacts, experience, relationships between META-SYSTEMS in short - the entire human knowledge is INTERNET, also originally founded with the purpose of the HAND DOWN (military network ARPANET), imagining the terrible results of a feared nuclear disaster in the era of US-Soviet Cold War in order to provide adequate responses to the need for subsequent communication, and to the supreme goal of ensuring the survival of Humanity.

But we are far from the Omega point according to De Chardin, ad quem omnia tendunt, and that allows the man to achieve and satisfy his material, inner, relational and transcendent dimension, through the techniques of concentration, decentralization , supercentration of the spirit and thought.

If we begin to think that the CONSILIENZA of Knowledge is the aim (in greek: telos) of different fields of knowledge and their RELATIONAL INTERCONNECTED AGGREGATION in a shared human environment, then we took a step forward and we are well on your way.

Gian Marco Boccanera


Professions & Genialitalia

by Gian Marco Boccanera.

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We sighed with relief May 10th 2010, when we learned that European Union has launched an aid plan of 750 billion euro to guarantee the solvency of Greece and other countries of our euro-zone. In the dialectic between discipline and the help at the last minute, the latter won. Considering the choice of the lesser evil and considering  the fresh memory of Lehman Brothers Bank, left to itself and unexpectedly left to its fate.  Its destiny has woven all the subsequent consequences on the economy and finance, in a perfect domino effect.

From one side I feel a sense of satisfaction to be part of the "community" who proposed and implemented such an important act of support and trust for the benefit of a member of the Union  in trouble, to which I am also close by feelings of deep gratitude for personal stories . On the other side,  I doubt about  the sustainability of a whole system of aid in the medium term, and about the price that will be required to european taxpayers, including Italian people. The price will be high, very high indeed, and will be paid in "social currency”, in other words,  in terms of welfare sacrifices that will touch everyone.

The mechanism seems to work. Banks on the brink of collapse, too big to fail, ask governments to intervene, collectivizing the losses, and continuing to take additional and ever higher risks. Governments ask States to intervene as guarantors of last resort, through the release of government "bond" to replace the toxic, or unsaleable ones. Member States which are in trouble ask European Union to intervene as a guarantor of indebtedness of the first turn, acquiring government securities, on which they discharge the guarantee of the European Union, then dividing it between their Countries as a splitting of guarantees. Yes, but how far? How far are we willing to go? At one point, not changing the causes or the actors that have given rise to these perverse effects, we will need to ensure a superior organism to intervene as a guarantor of the European Union, otherwise it will be the collapse of the whole System.

At this point it’s necessary a clear remark, and it’s due before the situation becomes more complicated, leading us to the wrong way. The crisis we are experiencing is not comparable to the others that preceded it. It’s  much more severe, pervasive, lasting and devastating. It hasn’t yet explained all its effects. The long wave is yet to come and we must do something to find, at least, someone who will be consciously ready to deal with its explosive range.

The time for change has come: it’s necessary to change perspective, habits and customs, to change expectations about how to live, reclaiming the inner essence and not only the outward form. Perhaps we should also rethink capitalism, reinterpreting it in an innovative, sustainable and equitable way. We are not born only to consume in order to own, thinking to draw the elusive short-lived satisfaction. There isn’t only the materiality of the body, but also the spirituality and knowledge of the mind, which, as the body, must nourish well and grow up healthy so it can hand down to other minds its heritage of thought. To improve knowledge means understanding to survive, that is, to live better.

To live better and (possibly) to live protected from the shocks of the current crisis and all the others that will follow for the next cutting. An interesting starting point for meditation, was provided to me by Jacques Attali, French economist and enlightened  journalist, when he argues that governments are basing their strategies for containment of the crisis in making pay to the next generations of taxpayers the mistakes of the past bankers and the bonuses of the current ones. How far we can go forward with such a moral hazard, without go to the base of things? Quousque tandem Catilina patientia abut us? It will be difficult to explain to the average social class and to the lower one that, at some point, aid to supplement income will be over, as well as income, while at the same time international commitments that drain more liquidity and state guarantees must be met. And disposable income decreases more and more, while the assets and savings, already heavily decimated by abuse, fraud, theft and embezzlement of any kind, are even more undermined.

Karl Popper argued that "intelligence is useful for survival if it allows us to extinguish a bad idea, before the bad idea extinguishes us."

Someone will start to look for the guilty, moved (and in this way being an instrument of someone else) by a malevolent influence to find  him at all costs. The risk is real. And the calls from Authorities in this sense continue and make us understand that the risk is real. This risk must necessarily be contained and minimized. Everyone must do his part. And the contribution of the Professions with their deep knowledge is VERY STRATEGIC. In a period when the truly essence of the turbo-capitalism is called into question, the THINKING needs to regain lost positions on PRODUCING.  Because through creative thinking and innovation we can create conditions for new development, just improving what we just have and discovering alternatives to G.D.P. (Gross Domestic Product).  How we can do that?  By innovation. You can find new collective sources and lines of activity, which, through the Professional world, link and not divide the social classes, more and more detached from each other. The Professions, together with the pursuit of innovation and the rediscovery of creativity, which they now carries and will carry even more, may be a good bulwark in support of the unsteady social cohesion.

I’m thinking to the  launch of a pervasive collective consciousness that push to share and not to separate. I’m thinking to  the launch of a renewed spirit of the times that nourishes the pax-appeal, first of all, in the Reconciliation as  ALL PROFESSIONALS prerogative in favor of all  Citizens. We hope that the Reconciliation should become the prerogative of all Professionals, for example with the Facilitate Conciliation (CONCILIAZIONE FACILITATA) . Then, I’m thinking to the multidisciplinary approach of the Professionals, which help to reduce bottlenecks and improve procedures, protocols and works in P.A. (Public Administration) .  And then I’m thinking to the start of the true care of the "polis" (= policy or polity),  the care of what is public (res publica or republic), to the rediscovery of  the priceless pleasure of working with the satisfaction of helping someone , rather than the manufacture of something.

The Professions, in my view, must spread the MEME of this collective consciousness, that is, they must work, before trying to do it and then do it automatically and unconsciously, to replicate this state from mind to mind as a unit of cultural information. The meme as a separate statement that replicate itself, becoming a "public opinion", spreads itself joining permanently in the new culture of the Nation. The meme is an idea, a value, skill, or whatever else is able to be learned and disclosed to the other people as a unit. The meme is for the transfer of information the same thing as the gene  for genetics. Then , the meme, as the gene, may be destined for great things: for example, to report "in viral ways," in absolutely pervasive and pandemic ways, any unit of information and language and concepts that goes from mind to mind, from man to man, consciously or unconsciously.

The diffusion of the perception of the big role of the Professions NOW in the hold of the economic, social and national interests in defense from the current crisis and from the next ones, is similar to an evolutionary MEME of our collective membership to a Country (ITALY)  recognized by the World  as the ancient cradle of knowledge and culture.

Gian Marco Boccanera


by Gian Marco Boccanera.

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Pax-Appeal is a new way of understanding interpersonal and economical relationships,  based not on the conflict but on its harmonious composition, knowing that the clash of positions that give rise to the conflict is far less convenient for both parts and/or FOR ALL the stakeholders,  than the reasoned, peaceful  and creative settlement of the adverse positions.

The question is not: to divide the "cake" in symmetrical portions, for which the growth of a piece of cake reflects the symmetrical and equally decreasing remaining portion. The cake is rather "extended" to allow a Pareto-Gain in favour of both parts, which earn the extent that they can get a slice of cake each one wider than the conventional solution can provide. The option  is "win, win" and both parties gain something more than before ,  and so nobody loses.

PAX-Appeal  approach is a non-conventional, non-judgmental approach to conflict or economic interests, with the assistance of professionals specialized in creative composition of the interests that are faced. To the composition of interests,  the same parts  in conflict can and should participate personally & actively with their professional assistants. That  leads not to the transaction, static, but towards the dynamic composition of interest, throwing bridges ,  and proposing a vision of the future best-set of interests.

As well as the creativity and  innovation, skills typically rooted in Italian people and still referring to the best of "MADE IN ITALY", thus spreading the culture of PAX - APPEAL, that of the creative solution of disputes through assisted approach, will be the BEST method against the inefficient, even  on the social side,  approach of the clash between adverse positions. It would be great if this culture of PAX-APPEAL could be disclosed to the “Order of Chartered Accountants and Experts ”, gaining a popular feedback in terms of SOCIAL renewed acknowledgment of the value of the profession, new professional skills and to continue the millennium PAX of the Roman people, who ruled a territorial extension of the Roman Empire, never equaled by anyone in history.

Conversely, the clash between positions has many costs, even social ones, including health, including environmental ones, that someone has to finance (individual, family, community, State, World). The clash is a logic that can be overcome if both conflicting parties can be convinced (of the professional role) and their entourage to find a negotiated solution best for each.  

We have to use a more effective approach of  PAX-appeal today with the continuation of an increasingly harsh economic crisis that suggests us to reconsider the position of "confrontation", because everything is a cost, with the current international economic downturn must be reduced to a minimum by suggesting to lower the claims of achievement.

The PAX-APPEAL then rises to modus operandi for the search of quick , SHARED, convenient and cost-effective solutions, alternative beyond the clash in traditional courts. The question is to spread such ideas and make them applicable to specific cases, effectively. The new approach matches with the specific characteristics of the Italian people and their undoubted creative ability to find simple solutions to difficult problems:  this can represent a proper challenge to find new areas of professionalism and above all to free up resources from the conflict, otherwise choked by strings and snares that can help to revitalize the Country.  And -last but not least- to ease the social costs of conflict (paid by the state and then by all taxpayers) represent an important value that will in future be measured by the "welfare" national, compared to the outdated measure of economic development through the GDP that does not measure the degree of satisfaction at all, nor the degree of happiness received in the State, but only what is produced (also unnecessarily or inefficiently) , before being consumed.

So, the point is:  whether or not it's worth stopping to think about??

Good discussion everyone.

Dr. Gian Marco Boccanera. Rome Italy


Article written in Rome on 17th july 2009 and published on this website on 01st genuary 2010.




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